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Wrist, Arm and Shoulder Pain

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Wrist, Arm and Shoulder Pain

At Complete Pain Care, our pain experts specialize in treating and helping to reduce or eliminate pain and wrist, arm and shoulder pain afflict many people.

There can be a variety of causes leading to wrist, arm and shoulder pain, and while some of them can be minor muscle pulls or temporary strains, other pain can be a sign of larger, more troubling issues.

Our pain experts can diagnose the problem, and offer solutions that will have you on the road to recovery.

Depending on your specific pain, we can use a number of therapies that will not only offer the relief you seek, but also check for chronic issues that can help such wrist, arm and shoulder pain stay away.

Whether a patient's wrist, arm or shoulder pain is a result of a recent auto accident, physical activity injury, or is related to a congenital defect, our physical medicine specialists will first thoroughly assess and identify the magnitude of your pain. We will then create a smart pain management treatment plan specific to your needs.

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