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Arm and Leg Numbness Can Be Treated in Baltimore at Complete Pain Care

Arm and leg numbness and tingling sensations are experienced by just about everyone in Baltimore from time to time and are usually caused by simple and harmless reasons like falling asleep on an arm, sitting with legs crossed, or simply after standing or sitting for too long in one position. The feelings soon go away.


But persistent arm and leg numbness could be an indication of a more serious problem and should be checked out by Baltimore's expert pain specialists at Complete Pain Care.


Severe and persistent numbness in the arms and legs can be caused by a variety of factors, including carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, and other illnesses, a herniated disk in the spine, an injured nerve, or pulled muscles. Such arm and leg numbness is abnormal and should be examined by a health professional as soon as possible.


At the very least, the numbness can be treated and alleviated before anything develops into full-blown pain, or a more severe underlying cause can be diagnosed and appropriate action taken.

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