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The healthcare professionals at Complete Pain Care are equipped to treat any number of conditions:

About Complete Pain Care!


Dr. Bhambhani and the team at Complete Pain Care are committed to providing the best care in a supportive environment for patients experiencing chronic pain.


Our goal is to help our patients achieve a life free from pain and suffering. In addition to our non-surgical pain management treatments, we teach our patients life-long pain management skills helping them to better manage their pain and improve their quality of life.

Starting with an initial evaluation, Dr. Bhambhani considers each patient based on their individual symptoms and then provides the guidance and information they need to make the right choice for care. Our patients are given a customized care plan that is designed to bring them the relief from pain they need, thereby enabling them to live a fulfilling and pain free life.

Board certified in pain management, and trained at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Bhambhani offers the very latest in pain management treatment and technologies.


By visiting our site, you have taken the very important first step in taking control of your pain. Do not to suffer in silence another day. Please contact our office today to schedule your private evaluation.


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