Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain

Back pain, particularly upper back pain, is one of those conditions that many people ignore until it becomes so painful that it disrupts one's life and lifestyle. It is important to consult with a physical medicine specialist at the first sign that something is not quite right or upper back pain will progress quickly to unbearable.


Strained back muscles and damaged spinal discs can be the result of everyday, ordinary tasks, like gardening, lawn mowing, or lifting garbage bags, and more severe damage may occur from sports injuries lifting heavy objects like furniture. Indeed, many back pain sufferers report that symptoms began to appear while traveling after lifting heavy suitcases in and out of cars or up stairs.

If back pain that goes untreated by a trained professional like those at Complete Pain Care can soon become chronic and debilitating. Seeking treatment at the earliest signs of back pain may not only alleviate painful symptoms but could ward off long-term, chronic upper back pain problems.


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